Don’t we all wish our parents did this for us!

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This innovative program begins a Lifetime Legacy of protection with Tax Free College Savings and then is a LARGE savings plan and Tax Free retirement for your Children and Grandchildren. It makes them a millionaire during their golden years.


  • Tax Free College Savings Plan-no penalties for early withdrawal like the 519 College Plans-Use cash for what you want if not College
  • Tax Free Retirement for Life (age 100)
  • Living Benefits-Chronic, Critical, and Terminal Illness coverage…Day 1
  • Major Disability
  • Large Life policy for THEIR family
  • Tax Free Savings that can be accessed for emergencies, medical bills, mtg. payments, etc.
  • Pull monies out for a new business, home, car etc.
  • All the while earning an avg. of close to 8% per year/compounded interest, based on the last 20 yr. average. (The Barclays’s Sector 5 Index)
  • RETIREMENT PAYOUTS ARE LIFETIME…it is estimated, with modern medicine, our kids will live to be over 90 yrs old. This pays out to age 100 or longer, so they NEVER outlive their retirement.



    2 yr. old at $200 a month would be close to 60K in college funds at age 22. At retirement age of 70, your child would retire with an annual tax free income of over $150K per year till death and then over ½ million in Tax free death benefit to their family. At $200 a month for 68 yrs. the investment would be $163,200……TOTAL!! If your child just lived to be 90, they will collect over 3 million in tax free retirement income and then leave their family the tax free death benefit of over $500K

    ****Side Note****

    As a side note, this program can be used for anyone of any age. You can start your own Tax Free Retirement Plan or Supplement the one you currently have. Have an old 401K/IRA that isn’t performing well…use the same strategy and move it into a Guaranteed No Loss Retirement product

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